Lindsay Haisley
  Listen to Lindsay's music ....
  • From String Loaded, here's Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out, with Erik Hokkanen on guitar, Larry Nye on bass and Lindsay on autoharp and trombones.

  • Again from String Loaded, Here's an autoharp and violin duet with Erik Hokkanen on The Wolf At Night.

  • From Petals On the River, here's Lindsay's popular children's favorite, Concrete Rhinoceros

  • From Christmas on the Autoharp, an ancient seasonal favorite, Bring a Torch, Jeanette, Isabella.

  • Also from Christmas on the Autoharp, the Christmas standard God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen with Lindsay on the trombone, too!

  • From (Auto) Harps Alive!! here's the old jazz standard, Sweet Georgia Brown with (the amazing!) Howard Levy on harmonica.

  • From String Loaded, here's Bill Staines' classic song River with Cheryl Dehut singing harmonies and Beth Galiger's beautiful flute floating on top of everything

  • From Petals On the River, a modern and energetic re-interpretation of a classic Jimmy Rodgers song Mississippi Delta Blues

  • From Petals On the River, a poignant balad of a dying Civil War soldier, Last Letter Home with Cheryl Dehut singing harmonies

  • From Petals On the River, an ageless favorite by the legendary jazz saxophonist, Jim Pepper, Witchi_Tai_To with a cast of dozens. Produced by Lindsay's son-in-law, Brad Johnston

Lindsay with Joanna Howerton and the Hill Country Penguins ....
  • Tim Henderson's Morgan with Joanna Howerton, Cheryl Dehut and Dave Wilcoxson

  • Joanna Howerton's City Man with the Hill Country Penguins

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